Welcome to the VIP Lion-Club Movement! 

Where Premium Comfort meets Exclusive Privileges!
Step Up the Ladder of Heroism and Be Rewarded More!
10% of Every Purchase Lights Our Mission!

By becoming a Lion Club member, you not only gain access to our loyalty program, with an immediate 100-point bonus, but you also get the opportunity to submit your measurements for priority consideration in our upcoming custom-sized drop sales. 

At TRMC, we believe that heroism knows no bounds. When you join our cause, you step onto the path of becoming a hero in your own right. However, here's the twist: the more you buy, the more significant your impact becomes. When you choose to purchase more, you evolve into a bigger, stronger hero. With every purchase, we allocate even more resources toward our mission, empowering us to make a more profound difference in the lives of those who've endured unimaginable suffering. But that's not all. As a token of our appreciation for your commitment to creating a better world, we offer our heroic members additional benefits and rewards. It's a win-win-win situation. You win by enhancing your heroism, the victims of trafficking and abuse win through your support, and you win again with more benefits and rewards. Join us on this incredible journey of empowerment and heroism. Together, we'll amplify our impact, inspire change, and create a brighter, more compassionate world. A Cause Worth Supporting When you join TRMC, you transcend the boundaries of self; you become an essential fragment of a grander mosaic. We allocate a generous 10% of our income to a noble cause — to kindle the flames of awareness and extend a lifeline to the victims of human trafficking and abuse. Our collective vision is one of sanctuary for those who've borne the weight of suffering.
Step One:
Create an account 
Earn 100 Lion-Coin for creating an account after your first purchase

Step Two:
First-time purchase?
Earn 100 Lion-Coin 

Step Three:
Follow each action below &
add Lion-Coins to your account

Step Four:
Redeem L.C. for 
Exclusive Discounts for your next purchase

One "Lion-Coin" Per $
Roar Light, Ignite Soar
Create Account: 100 L.C.
Share on Instagram: 50 L.C.
First Purchase: 100 L.C.
Share on Facebook: 50 L.C.
Leave a Review: 100 L.C.
Refer a friend: 200 L.C.
One-Year Loyal-Lion Journey!
The more Roar, The higher Soar
Vigorous Lion

-- Value: $60+

 -- 1.25 Lion-Coin Per $ 

-- Priority Access to Specials 

 -- Special Gift on Our Anniversary 

 -- Your Birthday Gift 

Victorious Lion

-- Value: $90+

 -- 1.5 Lion-Coin Per $ 

-- Priority Access to Specials 

 -- Special Gift on Our Anniversary 

 -- Your Birthday Gift 

-- Tire Welcome Gift: 10% Off 
Valorous Lion
-- Value: $120+

 -- 2 Lion-Coin Per $ 

-- Priority Access to Specials 

 -- Priority Access New Arrivals

 -- Special Gift on Our Anniversary 

 -- Your Birthday Gift 

-- Tire Welcome Gift: 20% Off 

-- Exclusive Event Invitations

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