Our Story

TRMC is a result of 30 years of evolution in fashion, couture, jewelry and textile, in addition to project management solutions and business mastery. 

Our founder, Anahit Etemadi, bestselling author has earned several regional and international awards, degrees, certificates and diplomas

In a nutshell about the owner

Anahit Etemadi is a charismatic and inspirational leader, author, international creative businesswoman, project manager, multi-dimensional artist and couture designer. Her passions are to empower women, inspire youth, help talented kids, stop sex trafficking and rescue voiceless animals. She would love to utilize her talent, experience, and education, to create the most comfortable underwear for men and women, TRMC and TCDC brands, empowering women and helping voiceless victims through fashion while contributing to these important causes.


Anahit's father was a strong believer in God and a very well respected and trustworthy man in his extended family and community. As her role model, he had taught her that any talent comes with a responsibility and purpose to contribute back to society, so her purpose formed at an early age.

She moved out of her beloved homeland in 1999, with a passion for growing, experimenting adventures and learning different languages. She lived in the UAE, Canada and United States. Initially, she had no family, relatives or friends in any of these countries. She also is from a rich and strong cultural family but not financially wealthy. So with no money in hand and no contacts, she aimed to accomplish impossible things by the power of God!! and She did!! 

Anahit has gone through tremendous amounts of intense challenges and difficulties, both financially and emotionally, however she never gave up and kept persevering! The words "give up" are not a part of her vocabulary! Moving to a completely new country alone, with no family, relatives, acquaintances or contacts, and only a fair knowledge of the English language, was very challenging…however, she became one of the top students in Postgraduate Project Management at Humber College in Canada, and achieved PMP Certification shortly after in 2008. 

Because of her diverse background and experience, in 2012 she was offered a scholarship from HULT International Business School, and that's when she moved to the United States and a year later she obtained her MBA in 2013.

"Leverage" is her Best-Selling book that was co-authored with Brian Tracy the internationally well-known Best-Selling author of all time. 

Join her social media for her next book (her life story), latest News, Products, Images and Promotions. 


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