Dolls Rewards & Referrals


Rewards & Referrals Points*:

➢ Sign up: 200*

➢ Per Referral upon sign up: 200*

➢ Social Media per share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: 50*

➢ Purchase per 1 dollar: 10*

➢ 6 months Loyal Doll Membership: 200*

➢ One year Loyal Doll Membership: 200*

Accumulated Points Reward:

➢ 7,000*: One lingerie gift set

➢ 15,000*: Win Vacation Certificate

Our rewards program is designed to thank our loyal dolls for their patronage.  <a href="#" onclick="showSwellModal()">Just click here</a> to learn about all of the exciting ways you can earn points!

***Important NOTE:

➢ Please read Terms and Condition

➢ Please note that products from SEDUCTIVE selections will take to deliver from 2-4 weeks after you made the purchase.

➢ THE CURVY DOLLS CITY reserves the right to change its reward program at any given time. 

***Create the sexy lingerie closet that you deserve!***
Treat yourself like a doll!

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