How to live in heaven?


In her transformational journey, from a rich and cultured childhood, which fueled her move to the United States, to her mission for change, she has faced and overcome so many challenges. Despite 20 years of constant barriers, uncertainties, financial challenges, and extreme traumas, she has never given up and her light within never turned off.   

She claims to be a student forever and is constantly learning, from the age of five from her first and beloved teacher, her father, to other special, enlightened and bright teachers. She is learning from everyone and everything, even her dog, a plant, a kid, a mad man, a blind man, a pastor, a kind and patient heart, and nature. She loves and considers them all as her teachers and refers to them as "My other version of reality who is in search of joy and love" as we are all one in different forms, spaces and vibrations.    

She is honored to be a co-author with Brian Tracy for her upcoming book about "Leverage" and is hoping to pass along the message given to her... to change someone's life and find true joy!


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