TCDC is born from 30 years of evolvement in fashion, couture, jewelry and textile, in addition to, project management solutions and business mastery. Our founder, Anahit Etemadi, has earned several regional and international awards, degrees, certificates and diplomas.
Anahit has designed a functional and comfortable face cover, that provides all the safety features of wearing masks at work or other occasions for many hours without any discomfort and pain on the back of ears. 
We have partnered up with very large manufacturing factories in order to produce and provide a really comfortable and protective mask, following all CDC guidelines.
Converting our entire website to service face masks is a modest contribution during these unprecedented times, as we are donating masks to so many unfortunate and homeless people as well.
The wellness of your body, mind and spirit is our focus, and we are developing our website towards this goal. We are also continuously updating this website by adding new products that incorporate the latest fashionable ideas and protection features. (Coming soon)
In a nutshell 
Anahit Etemadi is a charismatic and inspirational leader, international creative businesswoman, project manager, multi dimensional artist and designer. Her passions are to empower women, inspire youth, help talented kids, stop sex trafficking and rescue voiceless animals. She would love to utilize her talent, experience, and education, to create her lingerie line / brand, empowering women through fashion while contributing to these important causes.
Anahit's father was a strong believer in God and a very well respected and trustworthy man in his extended family and community. As her role model, he had taught her that any talent comes with a responsibility and purpose to contribute back to society, so her purpose formed at an early age.
From the time she was in Fashion School, in 1992, she has been extremely passionate in pursuing and creating her fashion brand, in order to fulfill her spiritual path. She moved from Tehran, all on her own, to UAE in 1999, followed by Canada in 2004, and the United States in 2012. Initially, she had no family, relatives or friends in any of these countries. Anahit has gone through tremendous amounts of intense challenges and difficulties, both financially and emotionally, however she never given up and kept persevering! The words "give up" are not a part of her vocabulary! Moving to a completely new country alone, with no family, relatives, acquaintances or contacts, and only a fair knowledge of the English language, was very challenging…
She was a one of the two business owners, a fashion house for prestigious haute couture and a factory for mass production in Tehran (1991 to 2000) and in Dubai (2000 to 2004). She also gained remarkable proficiency in retail stores such as La Senza Lingerie (bought by Victoria Secret), Zale Jewelry and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep (2004 to 2007).
Because of her diverse background and experience, in 2012 she was offered a scholarship from Hult International Business School, and that's when she moved to the United State and a year later she obtained her MBA in 2013.
      • MBA (Master of Business Administration), HULT International Business School, USA.
      • PMP (Project Management Professionals),PMI, USA.
      • Several Project Management certifications, including Scrum Master, Six Sigma, ITIL and Microsoft Project, Master of Project Academy, USA.
      • Post Graduate Diploma, Humber College, Canada.
      • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Jewelry Design (making jewelry from melted metal), Textile and Fashion Design, Alzahra University, Iran.
Awards and Prizes:
      • First Prize Winner at International contest, Italian and Canadian Embassy, 1999.
      • Honorary Diploma, Contemporary Tehran Museum, 1992.
Some of her artworks:
One of a kind gown, hand-painted and designed by Anahit Etemadi, showcased at Warner Brother Studios and the Seattle Art Museum.
One of a kind gown, hand-painted and designed
by Anahit Etemadi,
showcased at Warner Brother Studios
and the Seattle Art Museum. 
Couture and Jewelry designed and hand-made
by Anahit Etemadi
First winner of the award contest fashion show
at the Italian and Canadian Embassies.
Couture designed by Anahit Etemadi.
Anahit Etemadi co-hosted a series of radio shows
at the LA Talk Radio Show.
Interview at SteelE TV.


Interview at Hollywood Close-Up.

Interview at Global Voice Broadcasting. 

Interview at OMNI TV.

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